Re: Running NVDA on macOS using parallels

Jonathan COHN

Of course five year old data will not help in this case, since the user is thinking of purchasing a non-intel Macintosh. I know this would not be obvious unless you were a Macintosh user. 
First, there is at least one person running Windows on a M1  based Macintosh with parallel and using a screen reader. I believe they are using JAWS though. My understanding of Parallel is that its user interface is not accessible to voiceover but that you don't need to use it once the VM is set up. I do recommend that you think closely about if a Mac is your right choice and I say this as somebody who uses a Mac on a daily basis and has for 30 years. I suggest you discuss your reasons for wanting to switch to a Macintosh on the MacVisionaries mailing list that is run by Google Groups.
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On Nov 20, 2021, at 10:43, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

The only data point I can give you is in relation to JAWS, which is what was in use on the Mac using Bootcamp at the time I was working with the client, but that worked just fine.  I can see no reason that NVDA should not work under a Windows VM on a Mac.  We would jump between MacOS (or maybe it was OSX, I really can't recall right now, but it was within the last 5 years, and Windows 10 was the Windows version on the VM) and Windows without issue.

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