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Yes used to be good, and shows signs of having many people with no idea what happened before having altered bits and pieces. They need to ditch it and start over with a clean design over there.
I do have a yahoo account but I'm no way altering the passward after ahat I've seen.
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Hi, all,

I will answer my own question.

The problem with Yahoo Mail it is simply tricky to use, to not say its inaccessible.

To change the password it's necessary to navigate to the "help" menu and then find the "My account" option.

The difficulty is that the menu buttons must be activated withe ENTER and the menu items MUST be accessed with TAB key. Arrows don't work, "k" don't work.

To worse things a little more, to activate the menu item, it's necessary to be in edit mode, not in browse mode. So, it's necessary to use NVDA+SPACE. I suggest to do this right before arriving at the ""Help" menu.

It's a mess, an accessibility nightmare.

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