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Quentin Christensen

Yes, from memory you need both MathType and MathPlayer to create math.  You can also now use the built in equations in Word.  I'm not sure about Word's equation editor, I must admit I have not tried that.

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Hello there Quentin and all,


Thank you for the answer about math, the user guide was most enlightening.


However, is writing with Math type supported as well? If so, is it only supported with speech or with speech and braille both?


If it is not supported, can anyone recommend me software that would allow editing and writing of mathematical content, if any exists?

Thank you and best regards.



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HI there,


For the first part, see the NVDA user guide section on reading mathematical content:


The main software is MathPlayer and MathType.


For the sound themes question, I'll leave that for someone else, I haven't looked into it myself.




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Hello everyone,


I’m quite sorry that I could not think of an easier to understand subject but I am not good at that.

Also, I am sorry if one or both of the questions I am going to ask had to be asked on the chat group.


My first questions is, is there any software that a blind highschooler can use in conjunction with NvDA to do their math work?


My second question is, does anyone have an NVDA sound theme which has android’s talkback sounds and which is also compatible with the “Audio Themes” NVDA add-on?


Thank you for any answer, and again, I’m sorry for all I said above.

Best regards.




Quentin Christensen
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Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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