Re: Rearrange Pinned Items


The only way I know of to rearrange icons on the taskbar prior to Windows 11 is drag and drop.  And, yes, in theory you can do it with a screen reader, sans add-ons, with emulated drag and drop, but I, and many others, have found that method lacking.

Javi Dominguez has written an add-on for Drag and Drop, which others have said is very helpful.

In the case of the taskbar, icon movement is constrained and they can only be moved right or left with real drag and drop, so you can use the mouse itself since the drop zone is not random. I know I've written about this in detail, but I think it was on the Windows Access for Screen Reader User's group, as this is not NVDA specific in any meaningful sense, and neither is rearranging icons on the taskbar, which is pretty much the same regardless of the screen reader in use, though add-ons/scripts can help where available.

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