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I agree with Gene. In addition to his points, status bars don't work well on mobile phones, and so applications available for both PC and mobile phones tend to not have status bars.

Regards, Martin.

On 2021-11-23 04:10, Gene via wrote:
For many years, the trend has been to eliminate status bars in more programs to leave more room for conten or for other functions in the window.
I’m not saying that there are no programs with status bars higher on the screen so NVDA isn’t aware of them but the trend you are talking about means that fewer programs have status lines.
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From: Bhavya shah
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Subject: [nvda] Status Bars and NVDA
Dear all,
I am using NVDA 2021.3 Beta 2 on a Windows 10 machine. To my
knowledge, back in the day at least, I thought status bars were
incredibly common and present in most applications. I had a bunch of
programs open and decided to issue the read status bar command
(NVDA+Shift+End on a laptop) to see what happened. The results are
* Wordpad: "No status line found"
* Windows Explorer: "No status line found"
* Stata: "j"
* Microsoft Edge: "No status line found"
* Word for Microsoft 365: "Status Bar Page Number Page 2 of 32 Word
Count 2728 words Spelling and Grammar Check Errors Text Predictions
Text Predictions: On Accessibility Checker Accessibility: Investigate
Focus Read Mode Print Layout Web Layout Zoom Out Zoom 160 Zoom In
Zoom 160%" after a 2.5 second delay
* Wordweb: ""
In this experiment, most programs gave no valuable information. In the
one program that did have a meaningful status bar, NVDA took a solid
2.5 seconds to read it. Are status bars truly becoming obsolete? Or
does this hint at an issue in NVDA's read status bar command?
I would appreciate any thoughts and inputs.
Best Regards,
Bhavya Shah
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