Re: Is the Windows 10 (and, I'd presume, 11) Sandbox Feature Accessible?



Regarding keyboard shortcuts, it will feel like logging onto a Remote Desktop session - you would press Control+Alt+Break (Pause) key to switch between host (the computer you are using) and guest (sandboxed environment). The way I run NVDA (or for that matter, any screen reader other than Narrator) inside Windows Sandbox is:

  1. On the host computer, prepare the screen reader files - NVDA installer or a portable copy of NVDA.
  2. Copy the screen reader file(s) to the clipboard.
  3. Go to Windows Sandbox and switch to the guest environment.
  4. Open a folder location (say, Documents). The easiest way is typing the name of the folder from Run dialog.
  5. When the desired folder opens in the guest environment, paste the just copied scren reader file(s).
  6. Because it will take time for files to be copied (especially if you are copying a folder containing portable NVDA files), switch out of sandboxed environment, then use Windows OCR (NVDA+R) to recognize what Windows Sandbox is displaying.
  7. Once the copy operation is complete, switch back to the sandboxed environment, locate NVDA executable and run it.

You can also do all these with Narrator on - just before opening the folder in the guest environment (just after performing step 3), press Control+Windows+Enter while switched to the guest environment to start Narrator inside the sandbox. When NVDA starts, close Narrator.

I belive Windows Sandbox was covered somewhat on WinAccess forum (may need to check the archive for that one).



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