Re: accessible way of moving playlists to folders in spotify?

Marco Oros

OK, let me explain It:

Playlists and playlist folders can be moved only by a mouse. I think up and down on order and It is sometimes difficult to move playlist to playlist folder, because of same reason.

Dňa 27. 11. 2021 o 18:12 Brian Vogel napísal(a):

On Sat, Nov 27, 2021 at 12:01 PM, Gene wrote:
There is my reply, the person’s question below, then an earlier reply by me below that.  Do you see what I’m describing? 
No, because there is nothing there in the message from member Eduardo Fermiano Luccas, which is in the group archive here:   and is the message that I presume all of us speaking about an empty message are referring to.

It has no content other than the quoted material, and one can see that when trying to copy or afterward when one pastes into something like notepad and no content is above, or below, the quoted material, which consists entirely of a quotation of your offering in message   and what you'd quoted from prior messages as part of it.

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