Re: NVDA 2021.2 - Error when checking for updates

Roger Stewart

I can confirm it is a problem on the site.  I'm shown that an update to SPL add on is available but if I try to download it just errors out with no reason why given. I then tried going to the regular site for getting add ons and I got a different kind of error but still with no reason why. It did say they track these errors on their end so hopefully the problem will get fixed soon.  I'm also using NVDA version 21.2 stable version.  \


On 11/27/2021 1:16 PM, Gtt North Bay wrote:

Hi folks,

I am new here and well last night I installed 2021.2 on my new to me laptop and this morning I went to help to check for updates and got an error note. Is this a problem with the point 2 or me as my desktop doesn’t have that error.



Brian B.

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