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Howard Traxler

OK and thanks, Brian.  One (or three) questions:

Does the slave comend preceed, follow, or replace the call to nvda.exe?  and must that first part be in quotations?

Thanks for your help.


On 11/27/2021 7:59 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

A typical invocation of NVDA (installed version0 using the desktop icon it sets up when you ask for one is:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\NVDA\nvda_slave.exe" launchNVDA -r

I have checked a portable instance of NVDA that I have on my jump drive, and nvda_slave.exe is a part of the portable setup.

Thus, presuming your jump drive has the drive letter P, and that the root of the NVDA portable folder structure is nvda211, I would put the following in the script:

P:\nvda211\nvda_slave.exe launchNVDA -r

Just look to make sure that the nvda_slave.exe file exists at the location you specify for the full path leading up to the rest of the command.

I just tried this, with the correct path, of course, for my portable copy from a command prompt and it works like a charm.

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