Re: NVDA Portable Start

Howard Traxler

Yes, typing exit is the one that doesn't work.  I think I found that alt F4 closes that window.

Someone (can't remember who it was) directed me to create a batch file because windows no longer recognizes autorun.inf.  I had the whole NVDA in the root of the thumb drive.  But now, since I want to be able to choose from two versions of NVDA, I'm putting each in his own folder.  So I will create a batch file for each version 21.1 and 21.2.

The name of the thumb drive is 1.  So, without any speech running, I can do windows e to open this pc; then another 1 to go to the thumb drive.  Enter to open it and do 1, enter or 2, enter to start the NVDA choice.

I think this should work on a machine that has no speech installed.


On 11/27/2021 9:33 PM, Gene wrote:
I’m not sure what is going on.  When you say it won’t exit to Windows, have you tried typing exit and pressing enter?  While convenient, you don’t have to use a batch file.  If necessary, I’ll discuss how to run NVDA without one.
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I have a portable copy of "NVDA on a thumb drive in a folder called
NVDA211.  It contains NVDA version 2021.1.  When I shut down my
installed NVDA, switch to the thumb drive and execute a batch file that
starts the portable version, it starts in a command mode that does not
accept commands; nor will it exit back to windows.  This does not seem
normal to me.  Wonder how I can make it stay in windows when I start the



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