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Chris Mullins


In a previous message I  posted:


@echo off

start <full path including drive letter>



I have subsequently found that the start command will launch the program in the filepath without waiting for it to terminate and exit the command prompt but this only occurs if the program being launched is a windowed application, otherwise the command prompt window will not close until the launched program has terminated.  Gene mentioned that he had successfully launched MP3 Direct Cut as I did Notepad and that would be because both of these programs have a GUI.


The following batch file content worked fine for me, in that it launched NVDA and closed the command prompt window:


@echo off

"C:\Program Files (x86)\NVDA\nvda_slave.exe" launchNVDA -r


Howard asked about the filepath bing in quotes.  In the example above the filepath has to be in quotes because it contains a space.  If the whole filepath is an unbroken character string, you do not require quotes.  This harks back to the days of DOS when spaces were not allowed in folder/file names.  When Windows eventually allowed folder/file names to contain spaces, quotes were introduced to delimit the filepath so that older command parsers could still work with the new formats for folder/file names.

Apologies for supplying the misleading information.




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From: Gene
Sent: 28 November 2021 13:01
Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA Portable Start


I find this subject interesting but I'm not sure if it should continue here or on the chat list.  My experience is that if I write a batch file to run something, I don't get stuck in the terminal.  Whatever runs closes automatically. 


I just tested this by creating a batch file to run MP3 Direct Cut.  Whatever the environment is, It runs and then automatically closes.  I haven't created many batch files to run programs but the ones I have work like that with the exception of NVDA.  Does NVDA run in some unusual way, perhaps related to Python that causes the terminal window not to close?



On 11/28/2021 6:16 AM, Chris Mullins wrote:


Yes it does run the terminal as batch files are essentially a series of DOS commands that require that environment to run.  The following will start the specified program and exit the command prompt environment:


@echo off

start <full pathname including drive letter>





@echo off

start %windir%\system32\notepad.exe






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From: Shaun Everiss
Sent: 28 November 2021 04:04
Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA Portable Start


Thats a problem really.

Yeah, there is no way to actually do this with aditional mucking about.

You can use nircmd or other program to run your batch file.

You can run them with a script.

You can run them from a shortcut.

You can run and edit a shortcut to hide or minimise a window.

You can run the batch file normally, then once nvda is running hit alt f4.

You can just type x:\nvda211\nvda into run as long as you know the drive letter.



On 28/11/2021, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:

> I tried doing what you do and it runs the terminal, which I know nothing

> about.  I closed it in the following way:

> I opened the system menu with alt space.  I either down arrowed or up

> arrowed to close and pressed enter.  The terminal closed and I was back in

> Windows.  You can also use c in the menu to close the terminal instead of

> arrowing to close, as follows:

> alt space

> type c.

> Gene

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> From: Gene

> Sent: Saturday, November 27, 2021 9:33 PM

> To:

> Subject: Re: [nvda] NVDA Portable Start

> I’m not sure what is going on.  When you say it won’t exit to Windows, have

> you tried typing exit and pressing enter?  While convenient, you don’t have

> to use a batch file.  If necessary, I’ll discuss how to run NVDA without

> one.

> Gene

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> From: Howard Traxler

> Sent: Saturday, November 27, 2021 7:09 PM

> To: NVDA

> Subject: [nvda] NVDA Portable Start

> I have a portable copy of "NVDA on a thumb drive in a folder called

> NVDA211.  It contains NVDA version 2021.1.  When I shut down my

> installed NVDA, switch to the thumb drive and execute a batch file that

> starts the portable version, it starts in a command mode that does not

> accept commands; nor will it exit back to windows.  This does not seem

> normal to me.  Wonder how I can make it stay in windows when I start the

> portable?

> Thanks.

> Howard








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