Re: no install NVDA 2021.3 now



Actually, far from useless. December 6, 2021 is a credible date because:

  1. There is a forum (hosted on Groups.IO) where NVDA translators hang out, and members were asked to finish 2021.3 translation by end of November.
  2. After translators send in their final data, NV Access publishes release candidates, in this case I expect 2021.3 RC to be released anytime this week.
  3. At least a week after the first RC is released, the stable version is released. If translations schedule holds, next week is when I expect NVDA 2021.3 stable version to come out. Things can change if folks discover a really serious problem that must be fixed right away.

I said "credible date" precisely because of point 3 above: things can change. A rule of thumb is that:

  1. A given NVDA release will go through beta/RC phase for at least three weeks: two weeks while translators put finishing touches (translatable string freeze), then an RC week. NV Access can choose to declare string freeze (two weeks) right as they release beta 1 but typically developers have waited several days after releasing beta 1 to tell translators that they have two weeks to finalize translation data.
  2. We can guess as to when the next stable version of NVDA might be released, which takes place within a week after end of translatable string freeze. Folks can "guess" this date not only because NV Access has documented this in many places (including in various In-Process blog posts), but also since things can change without notice.
  3. For backwards incompatible releases, beta phase is longer - not only developers are finalizing the release, but beta is used by add-on authors to make their add-ons compatible. These days more add-on authors have realized that they must prepare their add-ons a bit early, going so far as willing to think about testing their add-ons against alpha releases (not often but happens; the practice of testing add-ons while using NVDA alpha builds is optional). I expect there will be announcements about NVDA 2022.1 after the new year.



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