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While you wait for a possible solution, this workaround may allow you to install add-ons.  Don’t press enter on the add-on itself.  Open the NVDA menu, open tools, down arrow to manage adde-ons and press enter.
Then tab to the install button and press the space bar.
You are in a typical open dialog.  Shift tab, I believe its twice, to the files and folder’s list.  Find the add-on and press enter. 
I believe this will likely work because you are installing the add-on using NVDA directly and not having Windows open the file first.  You are installing it as though you were using a portable version.

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Subject: [nvda] NVDA Add-ons installation problem

Respected NVDA Group,


While installing any NVDA Add-ons, I get the following error:


You will need a new app to open this .NVDA-addon file.

Look for an app in the Microsoft Store.



The device that I am using is a HP Pavilion laptop upgraded to Windows 11. Please give your kind suggestion to solve this error.


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