Re: install an addon for all users


Hmmm each user uses an installed nvda with all their profiles etc.

I guess if every user had the same configuration you could create a portable and just run it like that.

The only other way would to have a batch file with something like the following.

@echo off

x:\nvda installer

x:\addon1.nvda-addon, etc

Of course chaining things together would depend on nvda being installed, etc.

It would also depend on using 1 drive and or 1 network location for the installs.

I am unsure if there is a packager to package addons say your entire configuration or all addons in 1 for various users.

So then you only would have to run 1 or 2 files at the most.

However that would assume you didn't use any payed for anything.

I mean I guess you could technically have payed for stuff via your company with site licence for all your boxes but there would still be some input.

The way I have it setup on my systems I use, is install everything on each system and manually configure it.

Thats fine for 3 boxes but annoying as all hell if you had to do them like that from unit to unit.

I guess technically you could do it remotely overnight but who knows.

I guess you could just have a portable with everything set.

The user would then go to drive x and run the portable.

You can install nvda and transfer configs I think either way either to and from portable so technically that would probably work.

On 30/11/2021 4:23 am, Mohammed Al Shara wrote:

Is there a way currently to install an addon and make it available for all users of a pc? This would be very useful for pcs connected to a domain where each user logs on to the pc using her credentials. If not, is there an issue open for this feature request?


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