Re: Strange behavior of NVDA and Windows 10 at machine startup



However all of us have our own systems.

I guess it depends on your users.

I used to service a family of clients.

User 1 used the system responsibly.

User 2 had issue and would try to clear things by doing it the wrong way.

User 3 used cracked software all the time and clicked links in spam emails.

User 4 loaded stuff because it looked cool when it wasn't.

Now I maintain each of their systems and user 3 and 4 are simply no longer done by me because they don't learn.

User 2 has an older system but at least the first 2 users know sort what they are doing and I tell them not to do this and that.

So I'd recieve the system every other week.

If I was lucky, user 1 and 2 had issues and I could fix them.

But if user 3 and 4 had been at it again which happened monthly, well long story short I got tired about reformatting and reinstalling windows every few weeks to fix their issues or worse.

They wouldn't believe that it was them screwing things up so yeah I can see it from both ends.

If you can handle a share without stepping on each other's toes you are welcome to it.

Personally I am happy that each user here has their own system.

I keep them updated and if it all goes to hell then it goes to hell.

But at least its not all going to hell.

Now that was before I could do something about it.

I guess I could restrict and stop user 3 and 4 and maybe 2 before they did any damage but I couldn't before really.

On 30/11/2021 6:02 am, Chris Mullins wrote:

Hi the idea of having speech on the log-in screen is to make it inclusive and if it’s a shared resource the sightlings should not consider it as “their system”.  They need educating to understand that once they log into their account on the computer, the speech will go away and in an environment where blind people share a computer, talking log-in screens should be the norm not the exception.





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rofl I have had family need to use  computers of mine before and

honestly if they can't deal with speech at log on they can just not

use my stuff. It's not that big of a deal.


On 11/29/21, Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@...> wrote:

> And to be honest if you were working you wouldn't want that happening if

> you had shhared computers with the sighted.

> No one wants that to have speech on login or anything.

> In fact when I have speech running even at home or on another computer,

> People get annoyed because they want me to close it, or say, I had to

> reset the computer because it was talking to me so sightlings don't

> appreciate blindy software running on their system at any time so having

> it on login, just not a real option if its shared.

> On 30/11/2021 4:36 am, Brian Vogel wrote:

>> On Mon, Nov 29, 2021 at 02:30 AM, Artin Dekker wrote:


>>     I also find it strange that the NVDA desktop copy seems to start

>>     before I'm logged in.


>> -

>> Well, if you want to use it on the Windows login screen, it must start

>> before you (or anyone) is logged in.  Every screen reader I know of

>> has the option to do this, and it is an exception behavior, as most

>> programs don't have the capability.


>> It can, of course, be toggled off in settings if you inadvertently

>> turned it on.

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