Re: Strange behavior of NVDA and Windows 10 at machine startup


Well at least you had understanding users.

I once had a user that decided instead of talking me to do his own thing to convert a file.

I had a converter I used that I knew was safe.

He found one that wasn't.

That in itself would have been fine if he told me straight away.

He didn't.

By the time I got to it well...

Both of us know how bad unsafe things can be if we are not told straight away.

I won't tell you what I did of course, but lots of dammage.

Not to mention the other time where a user decided to get rid of a problem to load umpteen security programs on the system.

They needed it back at the end of the week.

It took me all that week, 2 hours to remove all the programs and put it back in working order and 4 days with disk cleanup running to remove all the junk that had taken up the hard drive.

On 30/11/2021 6:53 am, Brian Vogel wrote:
I have no doubt about how badly "the uninitiated" can mess up a machine with a screen reader on it for the person who actually uses that machine.

I'm the only local tech, that I know of, that has a built-in level of trust in the screen reader user community when it comes to fixing computers simply because I don't mess them up.  And that came about from years of helping out a dear friend, now deceased, who taught me at the beginning what to avoid and why.  I learned as much from her about the nuances necessary for working on a computer that belonged to a screen reader user as I learned in a number of other technical training courses.  After I had it all nailed down, I became the only person, other than herself, that she ever allowed to touch her computers unsupervised.  She'd also feel free to call me on the very rare occcasion where there was a major accessiblity stumbling block, as sometimes I could solve it, and other times I could confirm it could not be solved, and she had a much better way to make her case when raising a stink about it (which she always took the time to do, much to her credit).

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