Not sure how to spell this program's name but I would like its website please.

The issue, my audioquest dragonfly red appeared a couple days ago.

The unit is good though the cap didn't want to come off at first.

The unit is good at 20% anything higher on headphones and its to loud.

Its fully updated and it fully works and I like it.

However it appears that if I stop using it for a second the first bit of the audio is slightly cut out like its gone into some saver mode or something.

There is no way to configure it even though its got controls.

I heard about this silence player that plays silence to the card so it never does this.

I wouldn't mind this program so I can run it with this card.

Unless there is another audioquest configuration utility I am missing I am not sure, everything is set correctly and power is set for maximum with all savings turned off at least while plugged in.

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