Re: install an addon for all users


Yeah, each user would have to run the portable nvda first, then get permition to install it on their systems.

The only way I guess you could set that, would to have each user get admin rights on their account for that day you were installing them, set it up for one time, then once installing nvda was done allow nvda to install and run its own addons or simply allow nvda to always have admin permitions anywhere it runs.

But yeah not sure.

The only other way would everyone to have nvda that needed it then have the configuration set up and a user could import it but every user would have a slightly different configuration.

The only other way would to have nvda installed on all systems with a standard configuration but everyone would have to customise it.

However unless you could import one well not sure.

On 30/11/2021 4:38 pm, Mohammed Al Shara wrote:
Hi. Using a portable copy means also living with the limitations of running portable NVDA, specially that NVDA needs to be run manually by each user who needs it. Lets see if @Quentin would give his 2 cents on this.

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