Re: How does NVDA make its GUI accessible



As Rui mentioned, NVDA uses wxWidgets/wxPython. The accessibility of graphical user interfaces depends on attitudes of GUI toolkit developers - wxWidgets folks put effort into making the interface powered by the toolkit accessible, and there has been calls to make QT usable for screen reader users (specifically, through PyQT). I put more emphasis on toolkit developers - even if the underlying GUI API from operating systems such as Windows is known to be accessible if used right, GUI toolkits such as wxWidgets and QT add additional look and feel, and it is a matter of asking toolkit developers to expose accessible properties and events for working with additional controls and assumptions. Without going into technical details (since this forum is user-centric), tools such as wxPython internally call the "parent" toolkit interface (wxPython -> wxWidgets) for many operations (having researched moving from one wxPython version to another, I can tell you that it involves years of careful planning).



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