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The functionality is not built into nvda but the golden cursor lets you do hot spots I have used it on un labled buttons for a scanner etc but uses the elements list to get to those areas. It is like put the mouse on the area, label it then bring it up in a list in the program I think it is.

There is also another add on that is been reviewed or updated called object enhancer which I have in my drop box at

There is english documentation that tells you how to use it. The guy that made it does not want to take it further?

Gene nz

On 1/12/2021 8:10 pm, Michael Micallef at FITA wrote:

Hi guys,


I have an epubconvertor but it has couple of buttons that nvda latest version doesn’t recognise and interpret them just as button button etc.

Currently I have the epubsoft convertor v14.5

Evaluation of the software can be downloaded from here:

Epubsoft Ebook Converter 15.7 Download (Free trial) - EbookConverter.exe (


Is there a way how to label such buttons using nvda? Jaws has this functionality for sure.

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