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On Wed, Dec 1, 2021 at 10:42 AM, Mani Iyer wrote:
On a more generic level, is it necessary to know if you are in browse mode or focus mode? If so, under what circumstances?
Well, it certainly can be, if you accidentally shift from one to the other when you want to be in whatever one you're not in.  NVDA, like JAWS and other screen readers, auto switches between the modes, particularly when browsing the web, as you land on things that require you to be in one mode or the other to use them as they're generally intended to be used.

Focus mode is what's commonly necessary for any field that requires data entry.  Browse mode is most common otherwise, where you want something read, but you're not able to interact with it otherwise.  You can toggle between browse and focus modes with NVDA + Spacebar, and there is a sound associated with each, and I won't attempt to describe them, as it's easier just to land in a fillable field, where you should automatically get the "typewriter-ish" sound for focus mode when you land in it, and if you hit NVDA + Spacebar, you'll get the sound that indicates browse mode is back on again while you are still sitting in that edit box.  You can also hit Escape if you have been auto-switched to focus mode to toggle back to browse mode.

It's difficult to come up with any generic example of where you might need to manually toggle between browse and focus modes, but they do exist.

I despise the Windows 10 Mail client myself, so I can't be of any real help there.

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