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On Wed, Dec 1, 2021 at 10:50 AM, Mani Iyer wrote:
Do you have any recommendation for a ‘clear’ voice under which which speech synthesizer would possibly help me. ?
Actually, I don't.  The reason for that being that the exact nature of your hearing loss is what's going to dictate what is a clear voice to you.  I love Microsoft David, even with a slight high-frequency loss, but clearly he doesn't work for  you.

There are a wide number of OneCore voices in English that are not American accents, but that still might be better for you.  Since you say you're having an issue with consonants that strongly suggests that your high frequency loss is at play here, so choosing voices where there's more "punch" in that range is probably a good idea.  And that likely means trying out the various female voices.

You can easily add voices under Windows 10 (and, likely, the same way in 11) in Settings, Time & Language, Language Pane with the Add a language button.  The voices for English for the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK all have text-to-speech capability.  I'd try adding those and then trying out the various voices to see which one, if any, suits you better than David does.  Only you can ultimately make the determination of what is clear to your ears.

Also, if your hearing aids have Bluetooth capability, I'd strongly suggest you exploit that by pairing them with your Windows machine and using them as your primary audio output.  I can hear so very much better when the sound is being fed straight into my ears via my aids than I can when they are amplifying the output of the computer speaker.  You can also, possibly, consult with your audiologist if you have programmable aids to create a program specifically for listening to computer speech that would exaggerate what you need exaggerated to gain clarity when using it, but that could be turned off when you are not in that listening environment.

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