eBook Readers with NVDA

David Russell

Hello NVDA,
This post is about eBook accessibility options with NVDA.
Please comment on which may be the best alternative for one without
vision, using NVDA to work with an acquired eBook reader?
1. QRead, is a pay-for product, designed by a blind user, Chris Toth.
2. Calibre Reader, formerly used by the customer service rep at my
regional Library Service for the Blind. However, she is sighted. She
could not offer specifics. Her blind colleague has limited experience
or knowledge concerning this issue.
3. Forego the first two options, purchase eBooks from Apple Bookstore
and read on iPhone.
4. Get a paid subscription to use Scribde with NVDA screen reader.

Previously, I have published and purchased a couple other books on
SmashWords. However, authors are opting for less readily accessible
means (Adobe PDF, TXT, or HTML) for one who purchases and read titles.
More so, formats becoming standard are Moby and or ePub. Hence, this
requires one to have an eBook reader.

Thanks for comment(s) in advance.

David C. Russell, Author

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