Re: LibreOffice?

Tony Ballou


Libre office is a suite of productivity programs, not an antivirus application.  Like Open Office, It uses the  graphic user interface, similar to what was used in earlier versions of microsoft office prior to Office 2007 which introduced the ribbon interface. To my knowledge, NVDA supports both Libre Office Writer, and Libre Office Calc. Your screen reader will not have any problems with it.   I'll post the keyboard shortcuts for each of these applications when I return from the road later today. 



On 12/2/2021 11:35 PM, Viris g. Rodríguez wrote:
Hello everybody. I think somebody mentioned LibreOffice a couple weeks ago. Mr. Quentin told me he was not sure as to whether the commands were the same as the ones used in Microsoft or something like that. I honestly don't remember pretty well.
If someone has used LibreOffice with NVDA, I would really appreciate any information. Is there an antivirus for this software?
Is Eloquence TTS compatible with it?
Are all the Microsoft functions and features available?
Thanks in advance.

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