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Chris Smart

A couple people already have. Prepare for another ten similar posts (grin)




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Subject: Re: [nvda] ctrl=+alt+N not working for me


There is no setting.  Short cuts and the shortcut commands such as control alt n are Windows functions.  NVDA creates a short cut and a short cut key when you install it but what it creates is a Windows shortcut and a Windows short cut key.


Go to the desktop and type n repeatedly.  Do you get to an NVDA shortcut?  Do you know how to check if there is a shortcut key assigned to the NVDA shortcut if you get to one? We will tell you how if you don’t know.



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Subject: [nvda] ctrl=+alt+N not working for me



The shortcut keys to start NVDA are not working for me and I went into settings general but didn’t find a field to check the shortcut keys to start NVDA.

Running 2021.3RC on latest windows 10.



Brian B.


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