Re: CTRL + ALT + N not working for me


On Sat, Dec 4, 2021 at 11:34 AM, Chris Smart wrote:
A couple people already have. Prepare for another ten similar posts (grin)
Hence the reason for these list "rules" (really more strong suggestions, that are constantly ignored):

1.  Use threaded or conversation view in your e-mail client program or webmail and reading through the entirety of a topic before replying.  It gets you completely up to speed and avoids a lot of repetition.  If you choose not to use threaded/conversation view, please take the time to read through all messages from the group that are in your inbox prior to adding any reply to the group.  It’s the only way you can be sure you’re up to speed on any topic when not using threaded/conversation view.

2.  Reading through all new topics before replying, as topics have a tendency to get split upon occasion and often an answer ends up being in a separate topic.

I really wish more heed were paid, as repeated answers that say exactly the same thing as the first answer are just clutter.

Asked and answered means just that, and not only on this group.


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