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David Goldfield

Also, section 5.4 of the NVDA user’s  guide documents the object navigation feature.

This is the section number in NVDA 2021.3 RC 1.

To quickly open the manual you can press

Insert+N, H for Help followed by the enter key.




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Hi Lexi, So as far as object navigation goes, at least in laptop layout, you press NVDA+Contro+left/right arrow to move between objects, and NVDA+Control+up/down arrow to move between groups of objects. Once you've located the object you want to click on, press NVDA+shift+backspace to move the system focus to the object you want to click on. As far as OCR is concerned, that's a different feature entirely. Put your cursor on the image you want to recognize and press NVDA+r. Hope this helps.


On Sat, Dec 4, 2021 at 8:52 AM Lexi <alexiscooks836@...> wrote:

Hello everyone, I'm looking to use NVDA's OCR feature more. Can someone please explain to me how to use the NVDA object navigation? I sometimes need to click on things but I can't interact with the text after I OCR it. Thank you all in advance.--

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