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Oh right, my bad lol.

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Actually it’s nvda shift  left right not control. Nvda control left right can be used to move you between words of a particular object as far as I’ve found.


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Hi Lexi, So as far as object navigation goes, at least in laptop layout, you press NVDA+Contro+left/right arrow to move between objects, and NVDA+Control+up/down arrow to move between groups of objects. Once you've located the object you want to click on, press NVDA+shift+backspace to move the system focus to the object you want to click on. As far as OCR is concerned, that's a different feature entirely. Put your cursor on the image you want to recognize and press NVDA+r. Hope this helps.


On Sat, Dec 4, 2021 at 8:52 AM Lexi <alexiscooks836@...> wrote:

Hello everyone, I'm looking to use NVDA's OCR feature more. Can someone please explain to me how to use the NVDA object navigation? I sometimes need to click on things but I can't interact with the text after I OCR it. Thank you all in advance.--

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