Re: Strange issue with Win11 (screen refreshing)


Not sure.
Something could be in the background.
Could be something got mangled.
Do a backup of everything then do the following.
1. go to your manufacturer's website.
If the system is intel, get and install the latest intel chipset and intel dch.
I realise the licence aggreement may have to be read by a sightling <sigh>
I know that stinks but Yeah I need to do this shabang and its totally
bonkas but oh well.
Load the latest drivers if its intel driver assistant will help you.
If the system is amd run the stable amd autoupdate and get the latest
drivers installed.
Not sure what the latest stable driver is as I always run the latest
public game ready but the latest isn't ever hql complient unless its a
recommended so you may have more screwups and to be honest I just do
it for no reason even though 99.9% of the updates have no baring on me
as a user.
The chipsets should be from october 21 and should be installed.
So the next things I'd do is if you can and its support get and
install the latest well everything thats currently there, everything
from sound to usb, to whatever.
After that I'd concentrate on firmware for all your devices including bios.
That actually may all fix that issue right there.
I had the case of one of my hp systems not booting and a bios and
firmware update to various cpu and other components actually fixed it.

So firstly I'd run the firmware updates and then the display and other drivers.
If in doubt, I'd try a total reformat.
There may be something that just doesn't jell or never did.
For example I have an old 4th gen workstation.
It had cyberlink and a few other old software packages that worked
after upgrade so I thought well fine.
Last year my dad decided he had a slow system and wanted me to do the
old heave ho on it.
So, I pulled up the box, and did a full reformat.
I loaded the system, loaded the software.
Then drives stopped working.
I reformat again, reloaded the software thinking I had screwed things over.
Again after installing things again, things stopped working.
Thought it was bogus by this point.
So I decided to do the winamp approach.
Remove all the plugins except the core stuff then put in one file at a time.
Or in this case 1 program at a time.
Cut a long story really short, the old, dvd, and photo software that
we had used for the last 5 years was totally just not compatible.
I was able to get alternit software but could be that.
I also try to note down all my software I use and try to update it.
There are bits of software which I don't use much which I don't check
for updates so if it doesn't work then its probably not updated.
Failing all that and you don't need it, role back to 10.
There are a few users who seem to be scared about not much more being
done with 10 and moving fast as a racecar to 11.
While that may be true there is no real reason to really move to 11 right now.
And with how things have gone with 11 in some circles I don't see
myself moving to 11 unless I need to.
In fact all my pcs I get will always have 10 as an option.
At the end of 5 years, if microsoft then make a windows 12 its
possible I will skip windows 11 which some call another vista so who
If you can't be bothered with this, you could just turn sound off on
your box while away or turn off speech.
On my mechanical, I can mute and physically adjust volume from an
inset control panel on the board.

On 05/12/2021, Gabriele Battaglia via
<iz4apu@...> wrote:
Hello all and thanks for reading this.

I'm using the last stable of NVDA under Windows 11.
The PC is an Asus Vivobook Pro 15.

The issue appeared after upgrading to Win11.

Here it is:

When I left the computer for some time, I mean 2 minutes or so, NVDA
start speaking like someone has press NVDA + Tab.
So, it repeat the item where it is focused on.

Most effective is on Thunderbird. Before, when I had Windows 10, I often
leave the PC when I had something to do and NVDA stays on one mail
message on the received folder untill the screen saver or locking window
pops up.
Now, I couldn't do it any longer because every 2 minutes or so, it
repeats the mail header where it is on and, believe me, it is very very

So, I had to go to the desktop and leave the NVDA's focus over an icon,
before leaving my sit but, less often, NVDA says the icon's name like a
parrot, every 2 or 3 minutes.

I don't have any idea on how to fix it.I didn't touch any screen
controls, refresh rate or something similar.

Could you help me please?

Thanks a lot.

Gabriele Battaglia (IZ4APU)
Sent from my Asus VivobookPro15.

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