Re: Strange issue with Win11 (screen refreshing)

Giles Turnbull

Out of interest, have you had win10 installed on that Asus and, if so, did it happen then too? I ask because I have a 17-inch Asus gaming laptop running Win10, and it has always done this for me, much to my annoyance! I don't get it as frequently as you do, maybe once every 20 minutes or so. I get it when I'm listening to an album of music using WinAmp, when at some random point all of a sudden, NVDA will read the winAmp title bar! I get it when watching The Chase quiz show in Chrome browser, and I get it if I leave my computer to do something else!

I did ask about this in this group once before, and was advised to turn the logging level up and send a private message with the NVDA log, but I didn't know how to send it! I did save a log, and scoured it for any likely triggers, but nothing seemed suspicious.
It does sound like it is something in the Asus system that is causing this, and it would make me think carefully about buying another Asus laptop, even though I have loved mine otherwise.

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