Re: Strange issue with Win11 (screen refreshing)

Gabriele Battaglia

Reply to Sarah k Alawami's message, wrote on 05/12/2021 at 05:24:
I've had this happen especially if I'm hooked up to a networked computer and am copying something. Is that the case in your situation?
Ciao Sarah and thanks for reply.

Nope. The PC is connected to the internet but when this happens it is doing nothing.

It happens often when I left the focus on Thunderbird and sometime on a desktop icon.

I often use a software to log my amateur radio contact, for instance, it has lots of input field controls where you must enter some text or data and pass over by pressing tab. I often leave the NVDA focus over one of these fields and there nothing happens, as it should be.

But, If I typed something within a text field then I wait for some time... What I typed gets selected.

I'm not sure if it is a wanted behaviour or just something comes from the O.S. By the way I'm pretty sure it is not ok.

Best regards.


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