Re: Strange issue with Win11 (screen refreshing)

Gabriele Battaglia

Reply to Giles Turnbull's message, wrote on 05/12/2021 at 15:46:

Ciao Giles and thank you for your report.

Yes, I used Win10 since 2018 and till about 1 mounth ago.

And no, it never happened under Win10, it is totally new to me.

The other program I installed more or less in the same period this bug appears, it was HeartStone from Blizzard, but it could be a simple coincidence.

I agree with you, if it is something coming fron Asus, I'll change it and no more Asus computer in the life. You loved it, I don't. I found this Asus pretty fragile, with problem on dissipating warm. And, moreover, even it runs an I7 with 16GB ram, I found it too much slow.

I'm thinking to have a glance at DEL, for next one.

Best regards. Gabe.

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