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Also, lists, by their nature, can’t teach Windows basics well.  Lists answer various questions but they don’t present a body of knowledge in an organized manner.  I took the time to answer the question not to criticize you for asking it, but to explain important information about how to learn Windows well and save a lot of trouble now and later.

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I am sorry I asked this question.

Truly, there is nothing to apologize for.   It seems like you are a neophyte, and the best thing you can do in that situation is to ask questions where you believe answers will be forthcoming.

Sometimes what's forthcoming is a reference to somewhere else that is likely to be a better information source than your chosen starting point.  That's not an attack on you, nor to make you feel bad, but to point you to the best resources.

As you learn more, the expectations do change.  As you develop additional sophistication in using Windows, NVDA, and various application programs it's expected that more forethought will go into both the asking of questions and where you elect to ask them.  Right now, you're just starting out, so people are trying to help you out the best ways they know how.  Sometimes that means sending you elsewhere for help that they cannot give.

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