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You seem to be implying something that is worth briefly mentioning.  A lot of the time, if you hear something a program or Windows is doing, such as if you move to a list or bring up a menu, you will hear something announced like list or edit field.   A lot of people have problems because they don’t let everything read in unfamiliar dialogs or structures so they don’t know how they can move or what they can do where they are when they move. 
I don’t want to make too much of what we are discussing and make it appear more difficult than it is.  As you learn, you will develop a good idea of what commands are what but I think that mentioning the importance of listening for information about the control or structure you are in in unfamiliar settings is important.

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On Mon, Dec 6, 2021 at 04:22 PM, Gene wrote:
category of screen-reader keys are those that provide information a blind user can’t get or can’t get with any convenience in other ways.
Gene, not disagreeing with you at all.  But I'll use my prior paradigm, if you try these with a screen reader off, or with a screen reader other than the one you actually use on (which would be the more likely scenario), do they do the same thing, something different, or nothing?

Although I know there is plenty of overlap in certain screen readers and their informational commands, it's not perfect.

You're 100% correct about there being this class of command, but if you're used to applying logic to try to figure out "who's handling what" based on my prior paradigm, in almost all cases, you will settle on "screen reader" pretty darned quickly.  And you can eliminate Windows very, very quickly as well, as most of these commands are not only screen reader commands, but screen reader commands that work only in selected contexts.  And that's why it is sometimes difficult to know whether it may be a screen reader command versus an application program command, as the possibility that the screen reader is just reading something you've triggered from the application is a distinct possibility.

But you and I have long been "on the same page" about it being essential to know about the various levels of keyboard command processing and how to figure out which is at play when you're uncertain.

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