Re: Configuration Profiles Limitation (Speech Dictionary)

Thomas N. Chan

Hi Brian,
just as I guess. The only way to accomplish  that is through another TTS.

Temporary will not work because I use putty and reading of specific apps on the day to day bases. 
What I did was I put all those entry on  the default and use this particular portable NVDA while I am reading those logs. When I am done, I just open the other copy while I am reading email.

The configuration profile for my case is set to automatic to the specific program I will be using for this task.

The purpose for this configuration profile, in my opinion, is so that I can change certain  parameters or certain things I would like to read in a certain way and not be restricted to just  TTS parameters etc.

While reading tables on the website which you frequently   visit, you might not even want to read the column or row header, but in some cases, you might need to.
I am just pulling out example of situation I would use

thanks for your pointer of this matter
Thomas N. Chan

On Tue, Dec 7, 2021 at 3:29 AM Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

The following is not meant to be snarky in any way, but on the whole, no, it doesn't make sense.

Configuration profiles can be set up to either be manually triggered (which is usually the exception) or automatically triggered (more common) when you land in an application.  The things specific to that profile will only apply when that profile is active.

Now, on to what I think you're asking (and I could be wrong):  If you're looking for the same Synth to pronounce the exact same thing differently depending on what application you're in, would only be possible using "clever trickery."  The dictionaries, temporary, default, and voice are separate.  Both the temporary, which vanishes if you restart NVDA and default apply no matter what voice and what app  you're in.  Now, the voice dictionary applies in any app you're in where you happen to use the specific voice, so if you were willing to change voices based upon the application you're currently using, you could limit substitutions to occurring only when that specific voice is in use.  I'm not sure if a change in voice, as opposed to a change in synth, can be made automatic in a profile, but the change in synth can, and you could just make sure you're using a specific voice with that synth for which you created the necessary voice dictionary entries.

I hope this helped, and I hope I've managed to actually get at what you were hoping to do.

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