Re: Configuration Profiles Limitation (Speech Dictionary)



Given the level of sophistication you already seem to possess in regard to the dictionaries, could you not just create a "permanent" temporary voice or default dictionary file that you could move in to where it needs to be in the NVDA dictionary file hierarchy, unload NVDA, then reload it so that it has the entries you need for the given situation, then flip flop that with your original dictionary when you're done?

I get why you're asking what you're asking, but as far as NVDA being improved to allow it, that would likely be a long way off even if an issue were put in GitHub as I doubt the demand for such is very high.  That's not to say it wouldn't be useful, but it's not likely to be high priority.

A couple of simple batch files or powershell files would allow you to exit the running NVDA, move the existing dictionary to a storage spot, move the context specific dictionary to the necessary NVDA spot, then fire up NVDA again.  You would, of course, be reversing the swap in one (or more, depending on how many "specialty dictionaries" you have or need) of the batch files.

There seem to me to be ways to accomplish what you want using a single TTS, but they will involve workarounds that involve what NVDA itself loads when it's starting up as far as dictionaries go.

Just a thought.

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