NVDA and Sonar7 Producer


Can anyone using Sonar write to Reg directly please? Thanks.

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From: Reg Webb <regwebb@...
Subject: NVDA and Sonar7 Producer
Date sent: Thu, 29 Sep 2016 17:22:30 +0100

Hi Joseph

My friend Joe Paton recommends you as someone with knowledge of NVDA.

I would like to use NVDA with Cakewalk Sonar7, a midi and multitrack audio
recording programme (I'm a professional musician).

I'm a newcomer to NVDA, but it reads the basic window, the tracks and
their basic configuration, just fine.
When recording, midi, I need access to the event list, which lists
everything I have recorded on a selected track.
The Event List appears in Sonar's view menu, and opens a separte window
containing all that information. In NVDA, this window remains
obstinately silent, and I don't know what to try to change this.

I know this is a long shot, since you may have no experience of this
software, but Joe's suggestions are normally good ones.

Thanks for your attention

Reg Webb

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