Re: Associations with edit boxes and labels

Christopher Gray

I am using the most recent version of NVDA. 


I’m using for my browser Firefox 94.0.2.






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For the Mushroom FM site which has caused most of the discussion, there is no formal label element, but the input text fields are labeled with "aria-label" attribute I would expect every browser to populate the aria-label as a label for the form field except Internet Explorer. 

This has been a markup strategy for more than 8 years.

Considering the auto-fill feature with an associated select pull down, this sight is quite accessible forVoiceOver / Mac and NVDA.

I too would be interested to know the browser and version of NVDA that you are using where you were not getting names for the input areas.




On Dec 6, 2021, at 20:11, Christopher Gray <chris@...> wrote:


I’m having a problem with finding labels for edit boxes on websites.  For example, if I go to and tab down to the edit boxes, I see no labels, and on the Twitter edit box I see no @-sign.  Am I doing something wrong or maybe have a bad setting?


Many thanks.





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