Re: Accessing Zoom Chat With NVDA

Sim Kah Yong


You can use

 Control + Shift + T for JAWS to announce name of active speaker. with JAWS 2021.

As for copying chat in NVDA,  you can use "speech history,  review and opying" add-on.

Hope this helps. Thanks.

On 8/12/2021 3:52 am, Louis Maher wrote:



Is it possible to copy and paste a chat message in a Zoom meeting using NVDA? I serve as a scribe for several groups, and I am going to convert to NVDA due to JAWS no longer supporting the “who is talking” global command “control + 2”. JAWS stopped supporting this command about three weeks ago. The “who is talking” command is useful for scribes only if it is global so that the scribe can stay in their notes and not switch to the Zoom meeting to activate a local “who is talking” command.  I have complained to Vispero about this.





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