Re: new addon: NVDA Advanced OCR.



That's a yes and a no. Without going into details (in consideration of the audience here), if the add-on (specifically, the global plugin) detects it is focused on Excel cell, it can perform the task associated with this command (gesture) in Excel, namely row header script, so that's a yes. It's also a no because of two reasons:

  1. Global plugins are consulted first when a user performs a command. In case of this situation, NAO would be consulted first, and the global plugin can choose to perform its duties or perform Excel specific command. Therefore, it is critical that global plugin authors come up with ways to honor app scenarios if possible.
  2. What if a person presses NVDA+Shift+R multiple times? This is used in Excel - when NVDA+Shift+R is pressed once, focused cell is marked as row header cell, and the user would press this command twice to clear this marker. If NAO does not check how many times a person presses NVDA+Shift+R, only part of the row header command would be performed.

These are the ones I can think of (again I won't go into code since this is a user-centric forum).



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