Re: new addon: NVDA Advanced OCR.

Chris Mullins


I downloaded and installed the addon and tried it on a pdf document, which I was able to arrow through and read without difficulty.  However, when I tried to copy the document to the clipboard I pressedControl+a to select the whole file then Control+c to copy it to the clipboard, I experienced some difficulties.  I also use the clipspeak addon so “Select all” was voiced, as expected,  when I pressed Control+a and “Copy file” was voiced when I pressed Control+c, which was not the expected “Copy Text”.  When I tried to paste the clipboard into a text document, nothing happened, when I pasted into a folder location, all the files and folders in the folder containing the recognized pdf document were copied. 


The pdf file in question is protected, so could this be a factor in my being unable to capture a textual version of the recognized pdf file contents?     





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From: Brian Moore
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Subject: Re: [nvda] new addon: NVDA Advanced OCR.


Hi.  Not sure why. I will try on a couple of more machines and see if I

get a different result. Perhaps, there is something particular to this

machine. I will report back.




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On 2021-12-08 10:40 a.m., Cearbhall O'Meadhra wrote:

> Simone and Brian,

> I am reading Brian's problem with concern that there might be an implication that this add-on is not effective. I am using the add-on on Windows 10

> Version 21H1 (OS Build 19043.1348)

> With NVDA 2021.3 and the previous version of NVDA.

> I have tried the add-on on a single image pdf document and on an image.tif document with perfect results.

> I am moving the up and down arrow keys to traverse the result perfectly and the left and right arrows with equal success.

> I have also managed to copy the result screen to the clipboard and paste it into an open notes document.

> All this is, of course, only what the add-on is expected to do. So, brian, I am surprised at your difficulty and hope you find what is causing this problem for you.

> All the best,

> Cearbhall

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> Subject: Re: [nvda] new addon: NVDA Advanced OCR.

> Hi.  No worries, this is how you troubleshoot things.

> Desktop mechanical USB keyboard with regular arrow keys.

> If it would help, happy to do an nvda remote session if that would help.

> I am in Canada eastern time.

> Brian.

> Contact me on skype: brian.moore

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> On 2021-12-08 8:32 a.m., Simone Dal Maso wrote:

>> Il 08/12/2021 13:57, Brian Moore ha scritto:

>>>   The ocr process happens and I hear "result document" and the first

>>> line of the file but as soon as I press an arrow key to read the

>>> rest, the result vanishes and I am taken back to the folder from

>>> where I initiated the ocr.


>> Ok, I will contact the developers for this.


>> Are you using a laptop? Or an usb keyboard?


>> The fact is that it seems that for some reasons the addon doesn't

>> intercept the arrow keys.


>> Are you using the normal arrow keys or for example some emulations or

>> numpad keys?



>> Sorry for all these questions but it is to understand the problem.









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