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I haven’t worked with enough PDF documents to say how many read properly.  I have seen discussions now and then where people perform OCR on PDF documents containing text in columns on pages because the text is better decolumnized by the OCR program.  I’ve had the same experience working with PDF documents of librettos containing such columns.
It may be that the majority, perhaps most, PDF documents read properly in that the text appears in logical order.  But without experience of a large number of PDF documents, I wouldn’t assume that.

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In fact, if tagged correctly, you get the best reading experience when loaded in Adobe Reader DC; they navigate like a well-designed website.
And this comes back to what one defines as accessible.

There are plenty of PDFs that "aren't pretty," that I won't deny, but you can read the content with a screen reader.  That's accessible.

If we want to talk about maximally accessible and nicely formatted, that's something else entirely than "just accessible."

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