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For people having this problem, using the desktop layout, Numpad plus, the long key immediately above numpad enter, will read all the text in an object.  It will probably read the entire document if you wish.  My guess is that it is one single object. 
I don’t know the laptop layout command.
The object navigator moves as text is spoken and you can move using object navigation movement keys and begin reading where you move to.  Also, if you stop reading because of some interruption or to do something, and you don’t move the position of the navigator, you can resume reading where you left off.

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Good day Simone,

After testing the NAO addon, the following can be reported:
1. Once a document is recognised and you get the results virtual buffer, pressing your arrows exits the results buffer.
2. If you use the review cursor, the entire document can be read.

Great work and I hope this will only make it better.

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I am part of a developer team of a new addon.

I'd like to inform you that yesterday  we published the first version of Nao, NVDA Advanced OCR.

I paste the little readme file and at last I put the link for download.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome!

Nao is an addon that improves the standard OCR capabilities that NVDA provides on modern Windows versions. While NVDA standard command uses Windows OCR to recognize the screen, NAO is able to make the OCR on files saved on your hard drive or USB devices. Use NVDA-Shift-R to recognize any sorts of images and pdf! Simply put the focus / cursor on the file you desire, don't open it, but hit NVDA-Shift-r. The document will be recognized and a simple text editfield will appear, allowing you to read the entire content. Nao is able to handle also multipage pdf, so if you have a not accessible document, don't worry, Windows OCR will be able to make yhr entire work.

System Requirements
The addon works on Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems, since they have OCR capabilities builtin. Nao is compatible from NVDA version 2021.2, so don't use older versions of the screen reader. Note that Nao works with Windows Explorer, on desktop, or with Total Commander filemanager; don't use other software like 7zip or Winrar , since they are not supported.

Features and commands
• NVDA + Shift + R: recognize any sorts of images and pdf from file system; ◦ PgUp / PgDown: move the cursor between real pages of a multipages document.
◦ NVDA + Shift + P: report page number related to the cursor position, in a multipage document.
• NVDA + Shift + Ctrl + R: take a full screen shot and recognize it.

Github repository:

Latest version:

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