Re: Associations with edit boxes and labels


On Wed, Dec 8, 2021 at 04:10 PM, Greg Williams wrote:
I am guessing that this was a mistake in the coding given the effort to make the other form fields accessible. Unfortunately, both methods for associating a label with a form field failed in these instances.
We're in complete agreement.  Part of my first comment in this topic was, "I'm not good enough at HTML code to know where "the start of the problem" is, but I suspect something in how the page is coded has, effectively, rendered some of the edit box labels invisible to the screen reader and, as a result, it's not reading them."

I find that in more cases than not it's sloppy HTML that lies at the root of issues like this.  And, sometimes, even "sloppy" is way too strong.  It's very easy to skip your own standard practices with regard to accessibility when something is rushed or if you're otherwise distracted.  It's an "oops."

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