Re: Sometimes NVDA only reads first line of an email in Outlook 2019 : depends on state of Outlook?

Milton Charlton

With a little more sleuthing I found that when Outlook is first started, NVDA will read an entire email when that email is selected by hitting Enter. When I try to read the same email again, only the first line is read out.  Now, if I exit Outlook and restart Outlook, that same email will be read out entirely but only the first time.  This behaviour is identical with HTML and with Plain Text emails.  It does not matter if the email is marked as Unread or not. Read All will read the entire email but only  after the first line is read out  so I get the first line twice.
The behaviour is not affected by disabling Outlook Extended addon.

NVDA  2021.3
Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.19044 Build 19044

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