Re: opinion on the usability of total comander


Hmmm yeah I could see where that went.
Well xplorer2 does not work with the ocr addon but yeah its definitely
something I will invest in.
Another portable app will do nicely.
I want to avoid having to install all sorts of extras and replace
shells but yeah its something to look at anyway.

On 09/12/2021, Thomas N. Chan <thomas.nathan.chan@...> wrote:
I personally use this program call xplorer2. Its not a freeware but I paid
for ultimate edition which allows me to have the portable copy.
What it does is, whatever I do on this program, it will stick to that only.
I don't like traditional windows explorer, xplorer2 is more powerful, and
once I set it up, I can move wherever I go. I put a copy at my server and
network share.

Thomas N. Chan

On Thu, Dec 9, 2021 at 1:19 AM Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@...> wrote:


After hearing about the nao addon in the other topic, I was wandering on
how good total commander is as compaired to say windows file explorer.

The win10 file explorer is not bad, certainly not as bad as it used to
be however with all the crazy junk going over with win11, I have
wandered if instead of patching and hacking all the systems I use when I
eventually have to go, if it would be better using an alternit shell

Obviously I wouldn't want to use that shell automatically all the day
long on any system, windows shell would be the default but at least
while things are screwed a little I can get round it.

Naturally on my system I will hack and slash and crack my way to freedom.

But I really don't want to megatweak every system mainly because I won't
be its main user, after all I go on these systems to update them.

Never the less, if this is small, maybe all I need to do is run this
from a drive before I use it or run a shortcut.

The other issue I don't care for is loading all my tweakers and stuff on
a system.

I really don't want to hose a system and I have almost done this with
winaerotweaker by being to tweaky and not reading what I was doing and
just toggling one day.

Luckily I was able to reverse what I did but I really don't want a user
to start up one of my modifiers, hose the system completely and get
told, that they were fiddling with my tool and changing who knows what.

Leaving me no choice bnut to reformat because I didn't know what was
changed and they not being able to tell me.

I also need something that will hide where I can toggle it on without
the user accidentally bumping it.

I have told one of my users how to use ccleaner with its initial
configurations but I have also had to warn off my users from finding and
running my tools as they could be dangerous.

Obviously I can't make them hard to exactly find and use, I mean I need
to find them and use them but as long as they don't directly show
themselves unless for whatever reason the user needs to brouse a
particular folder of a drive or my stuff folder of a drive with my stuff
in it its not a problem.

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