Re: Two issues with the "Windows 10 App Essentials" add-on


Which add-on version are you using (16.10 perhaps)?
Mail: Can anyone else confirm this? I can read messages using arrow keys. Note that due to changes introduced as part of Edge support work (next branch for now), I have disabled my workaround in Mail app.
Calculator: this is intentional to keep user experience as similar to old Calculator program (also quite verbose to hear this information every time you enter something). Ideally NVDA should be able to announce characters you type, but unfortunately, we won't see a solution for a while.
Due to events I'll be attending, I may not be able to maintain the add-on for the next few days; in the
meantime, Derek Riemer will fill in my shoes. Thanks.

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Subject: [nvda] Two issues with the "Windows 10 App Essentials" add-on


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Hello Joseph and all,<br
I've noticed two issues while using the "Windows 10 App Essentials"
1. In the "Calculator" app, when I enter digits, NVDA does not
announce the change in the display. It announces the change only
after I press ENTER to get the result. If I disable the "Windows 10
App Essentials", the issue stops occurring.<br
2. In the "Mail" app, I cannot read a message only by pressing UP or
DOWN arrows. I can read it only with "Say All". If I disable the
"Windows 10 App Essentials" add-on, the issue disappears and I can
read the message body with UP and DOWN arrows.<br
Test environment:<br
- Operating system: Windows 10 Pro (build 14393.222), 64-bit, in
Bulgarian with all locale settings set to "Bulgarian".<br
- NVDA version: next-13616,d4743fcc, in bulgarian.<br
- "Mail" app version: 17.7167.40817.0, in bulgarian.<br
- "Calculator" app version: can't find it, but it should be the
latest from the apps store.<br
If you need more information from me in order to be able to diagnose
the issue, please let me know and I'll try to help as best as I can.<br
Best wishes,<br
Kostadin Kolev

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