Is anybody successfully using the PC keyboard braille input addon?

John Isige

Every time I try using it, I get a little bit of input, and it seems to die. For example, I wrote "let's test this" in notepad. I get Let's test followed by a space. When I backspaced over test, because I wanted to try it with a contraction to see if grade II input was working, it literally refused to write anymore characters, I just had Let's followed by a space.

I've tried the addon before and I think I've had similar results. I kee p thinking it would be a neat idea to see if writing in braille would be any faster, once I got used to doing it again. But obviously it's pretty useless the way it's working for me currently. To be fair, I am on a laptop keyboard, but it's weird that some input happens and then none at all, whether I use fds jkl or wer uio as input keys. I don't think it's the issue of my laptop not allowing some keys to be pressed at the same time, because I just wrote Stand in grade II and it worked, and then same thing, once I hit the space bar, I couldn't write anything else.

I don't think I've set my keyboard in Windows to anything odd, it should be the standard US English keyboard. If anybody's got any ideas for things to check, I'd appreciate it. It's a cool idea and I'd like to at least try it, even if it's something I don't end up using.

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