Re: control+shift+w command must be changed in weater plus


NVDA commands are prefaced w/the NVDA key of your choosing so as
specifically not to interfere w/other keyboard shortcuts. Having thus
said, alt f4 can substitute for ctrl shift w in Chrome, but I don't
see anywhere where NVDA even uses this.

On 12/9/21, Eduardo Fermiano Luccas <25102008luccas@...> wrote:
sará, I can do this, but it should have another command by default

Em qui., 9 de dez. de 2021 às 22:05, Sarah k Alawami <marrie12@...>

Can you change that in the gestures dialogue to something that works on
your computer? I would have to have a play to see what could work.

Take care.


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*From:* <> *On Behalf Of *Eduardo
Fermiano Luccas
*Sent:* Thursday, December 9, 2021 4:25 PM
*Subject:* [nvda] control+shift+w command must be changed in weater plus

hi friends, this command is used in google chrome to close all tabs, so
this command must be changed to not conflict.

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