Re: control+shift+w command must be changed in weater plus


On Thu, Dec 9, 2021 at 09:29 PM, Jackie wrote:
Having thus said, alt f4 can substitute for ctrl shift w in Chrome, but I don't see anywhere where NVDA even uses this.

You are indeed correct that NVDA itself does not use this shortcut, but the Weather_Plus add-on does.  Here's the description:

'Adds local temperature and forecast 24 ours and prediction up to 9 days.\n', 'NVDA+w for the current bulletin.\n', 'NVDA+shift+w for the prediction in the current 24 hours and prediction up to 9 days.\n', 'NVDA+shift+control+w for quickly enter a temporary city.\n', 'NVDA + shift + control + alt + w for open the Weather Plus settings.\n', 'NVDA+alt+w announces the date of the last update of the weather report.\n', 'Shift+control+w alternates between Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin.\n', 'For other instructions, you can also press Add-on Help button in Add-ons manager.'

But it's ludicrous to declare that any add-on developer must substitute a keyboard shortcut.  There are a finite number of keyboard shortcuts, and there will always, always be possibilities of overlap.  In a case like this, I would expect that NVDA (or, more accurately, the Weather_Plus add-on) would intercept this shortcut, so it would have no effect in the Chrome browser, but I could be wrong about that.  If, by some chance, it were being passed through to Chrome, then it could be remapped in input gestures.  No developer can know what specific programs any given individual user might be using, and if an alternative exists for the same function, and closing the browser is one, then there's no problem.

As you've noted, ALT + F4 does precisely the same thing as CTRL + SHIFT + W in Chrome itself.  I use CTRL + W to close individual tabs all the time, but if I want to exit Chrome or any other program in its entirety I rely exclusively on the Windows-wide keyboard shortcut for that purpose, ALT + F4.

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